6 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day Red RosesValentine’s Day, a day of love spanning centuries, with so many ways to be someone’s valentine or to ask someone to be your valentine. And it’s all thanks to a romantic priest named Valentine who died a Martyr for the love of God and the love of mankind.

No doubt the year 2021 will be remembered forever with the coronavirus so prevalent. As with the previous holidays, we try to move forward with as much normalcy as we can. With so many people suffering from depression, Valentine’s Day may be the most important holiday to show that love still prevails.

A Valentine’s Day card makes your smile wider and your day brighter. Millions are sent every year with many people designing and making their own adding that personal touch. Some people have them custom designed and personalized. You may be too shy to speak the words of love, how romantic that a card can do it for you.

6 Last-Minute Gift Ideas

A last-minute gift idea that’s always available is flowers and it’s always appreciated as well. Orange Blossom gives the message of innocence, eternal love, and marriage. The beautiful Blue Violet means faithful and true, and the Red Rose says I love you. Any or a combination of these would make a thoughtful gift and Valentine’s Day more romantic.

chocolate - heart shapedAdditional last-minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas include… A generous gift certificate, chocolates in a heart-shaped box, a romantic book of poems, a beautiful picture frame in a heart shape design, or even silky frillies chosen with care of course. Take care not to cut it too close in case you may need to order some of these items online and depend on shipping them to your recipient. The USPS is experiencing bottlenecks in certain states due to the coronavirus pandemic.

A romantic Valentine’s dinner makes a wonderful gift, this is something you could prepare yourself… Soft lights and a rom-com DVD would show how much you care. A gentle hug and kiss will help start a Valentine’s Day to remember. There are also many apps you can use to have a nice dinner delivered to your home. Those apps include GrubHub, DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Postmates. It’s no secret that many restaurants are hit severely hard by the coronavirus pandemic. With many states closing bars and restaurants’ indoor dining options, they have relied heavily on deliveries. Some of these apps are working to aid these hard-hit restaurants.  For example, GrubHub has an option for customers to donate their change to the Grubhub Community Relief Fund at checkout. Donations go to charitable organizations supporting local restaurants and drivers impacted by COVID-19.

Got Some Time?

For those that plan ahead, pending availability due to the pandemic, a couple of ideas are a weekend break being pampered at a health spa or a special photoshoot including hairdressing, makeup and designer wear with a complete photo album to keep the memory forever.

As mentioned previously, many people are suffering from depression due to the pandemic. Perhaps you know a friend or an associate who is single. There are many cute t-shirt and coffee mug designs for those who may not have a significant other during Valentine’s Day. Include a nice Valentine’s Day card and these are thoughtful gifts to let your friend or associate know they are not alone during this holiday.

Getting On One Knee

Will you marry me on Valentine’s Day? What a proposal, how romantic. Marriage proposals should be romantic and full of love and mystery. Getting down on one knee may be traditional but a singing quartet shows style and imagination. A marriage license presented in style would take the breath away. A very memorable Valentine’s Day is your wedding day. It has so much love and romance many couples choose February 14th to make their vows of love.

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, are you prepared? It is thought that love favors a prepared mind. Choose an appropriate card, write a heartfelt sentiment yourself, and let your significant other know how much you care.

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