I have always had a desire to see through all the noise and seek accurate information on whatever topic I’m viewing or reading. Whether it’s politics, health, business, faith, or sports I desire accurate information without an overwhelming amount of opinions or marketing efforts influencing the information.  I started this blogsite with that philosophy in mind. There seems to be so much information and content available, but I find much of it is unclear, confusing or an outright lie!

I own and run a small business for the past 15 years.  I do have a financial services background and follow the stock market on a daily basis.  It is fascinating how the business world, with the advancement of technology, is moving at such a rapid speed.

 I’m looking to have a newspaper-style blogsite that contains accurate information with limited outside noise.  Of course, since it is my blog I will share my opinion on the different topics and products.  However, I will not sensationalize the subject as it seems to be the case with many blogs and media today.  My hope is you’ll find the topics to be informative and not sensationalized to tug on your emotions or make a controversial splash for the purpose of higher viewership.

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