Mitt Romney’s Historical Impeachment Vote

Mitt RomneyAt first, Mitt Romney did not want to go through with the idea of voting to impeach his own party leader, President Trump. After all, he was going to be the first senator in history to vote against his own party on an impeachment. It was evident that the decision was weighing down heavily on his conscience. He also knew how unpopular his decision would sit with his party and potentially his state. However, according to an article written in the N.Y. Times

Mitt Romney’s Evidence to Impeach

Recently in Washington D.C., Mitt Romney publicly spoke about all the misdeeds committed by President TrumpPresident Trump. He stated, according to the evidence as he understood it, the President indeed requested a foreign government to investigate the activities of his rival, Joe Biden. Senator Romney also said that the President withheld crucial military resources from the same government until the investigation was complete and worth the effort. It was evident to Senator Romney what President Trump did was personally motivated. This was the central reason Mitt Romney dreaded the impeachment vote. He was well-aware of the circumstances revolving around the evidence against President Trump for violation of office and power. Even though President Trump is his party leader, he felt an obligation to follow the facts as he understood them. In Senator Romney’s eyes, what the President did was indeed a violation against the constitution of the United States.

Minority Vote

Mitt Romney was confident he was going to be the only Republican to have voted against his party and its leader. Even with the odds stacked against him, Mitt Romney did not want to heed to the pressure and let President Trump go easy due to pressure from other party members. When asked about it, Senator Romney said, “This has been the most difficult decision I have ever had to make in my life”, according to an article in The Atlantic. He continues to state that his love for family is the core purpose of the continuity of his generation. He chose to do the right thing according to the law and his profession. He believes that he has utilized the power of his office by speaking freely and without fear or favor. Already, Mitt has begun feeling the implications of his decisions. Recently, a fellow traveler at the airport yelled that Romney should be ashamed of the political declaration that he made. Even though Mitt Romney’s stand will do little to change the political state of the United States, it will be interesting how the party will go moving forward.  Up to this point, it seemed like only the Democratic party had wide gaps between their candidates and how they felt the country should be run.  Could this historical vote, that today may feel like an afterthought, start a path of wide disagreements within the Republic party?

Firm Faith

Mitt Romney has gone on record to say his faith in the Lord is nothing short of unwavering. All through the time of President Trump’s hearing case, Mitt Romney was weighing the evidence and contemplating his position. Spiritually, he believes that praying often and working diligently will work in his favor. He admits going through the analysis and evaluation process of President Trump’s impeachment case, he relied on God’s guidance to help make his final determination. Since he is a strong member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, he disagreed with President Trump’s violation of the oath of office. He affirmed that the evidence against Trump was beyond a doubt, inescapable. As a result, he defined President Trump’s corruption as an insult to the oath of office he took before being sworn in as the people’s leader. The idea of abusing power and using it to further corrupt individuals and circumstances for personal gain did not appeal to Senator Romney.

Mitt Romney’s Political Future

Romney is well-aware of the uncertainty of his political career. Everyone knows President Trump and the Republican party will put a great amount of pressure on Mitt Romney and his vote might be the worst nightmare of his political career. It’s hard to know if Senator Romney still has aspirations to become president one day. His historical vote will always be associated with him and it’s hard to know what it may mean moving forward if anything. If Senator Romney does decide to run for president again, it will be very interesting how this vote will come up in the debates and see the country’s reaction.

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